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Danielle. July baby. San Francisco, CA. Communications Studies @San Francisco State University. In love.
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#vegasfit breakfast. Egg white quesadilla with chicken artichoke sausage cheese and avocado. And a classy vanilla iced coffee protein shake (: (Taken with instagram)

Lunch! #vegasfit pita sammy (ham, cheese, green onions, tomato, spinach), carrots and caramel iced coffee (Taken with instagram)

Good morning! Starting the day with a jog (: happy Sunday! #bambiwalk #dedicated #vegasfit (Taken with Instagram at San Andreas Trail)

Calf killer! Tip toe jog. #vegasfit #fixyourface #AMxTRVSBRKR (Taken with Instagram at San Andreas Trail)

#vegasfit lunch. Elbow macaroni with laughing cow cheese, string beans, onion, mushrooms, pepperoni, olives, and basil .(: (Taken with instagram)

#vegasfit breakfast! (Taken with instagram)

Apple cinnamon oatmeal muffin and peaches and cream oatmeal muffin! Tomorrow #vegasfit breakfast for me and boo (: (Taken with instagram)

#vegasfit dinner. Chopped roasted chicken with beans onions and avocado. And the best homemade tortilla (: (Taken with instagram)

#vegasfit breakfast! English muffin with egg, lettuce, low sodium turkey. Green Apple and string cheese (: (Taken with instagram)

Back on that #vegasfit diet! Chicken Cobb salad with low fat ranch. #lunch (Taken with instagram)

#breakfastofchampions #vegasfit (Taken with instagram)

Mid-morning snack and catching up on the news with @joebereta @sourcefed #cottagecheese #pepper #sourcefed #vegasfit (Taken with instagram)

#breakfastofchampions #vegasfit (Taken with instagram)

Lunch ! #vegasfit (Taken with instagram)

Honey Ham on 7 grain wheat, with a smear of pesto, 1/2 avocado, alfalfa sprouts & Kraft 2% american cheese. 1 lb of Watermelon (only had half!!!), regular chex mix. And yummy Silk Chocolate Milk!

This is one of the biggest calorie meals I’ve eaten in the past month… ~730 calories. But it’s all clean food, and it was SO yummy! Usually my meals are between 3-400 calories, but I didn’t eat breakfast today (woke up, laid in bed, exercised, then went grocery shopping!) so i was making up for it. 

The first workout of many to come these next 3-5 months…. 

1 mile downhill, 1 mile uphill.

My calves are KILLIN me :/ But, ready for more tomorrow (: